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Add to website

Post by vista704 » 22 Sep 2018, 18:34

Ill admit im not that good at website building and for life of me cant understand how to get this to work on my website?
Anyone is able to do a step by step showing how to that would be great.

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Re: Add to website

Post by » 23 Sep 2018, 19:40

Hi vista704,

what are your imaginations for your website?
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Re: Add to website

Post by brazil20psn » 16 Oct 2018, 01:37

i was creating a post about add a radio on website, i cant do it using cron job how said on the website section.Any help to do this?

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Re: Add to website

Post by virtue121 » 16 Dec 2018, 14:25

Hi, I am interested in putting your radio on my site to earn. It seems complicated. Is there not a simple javascript that I can copy and paste?

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