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Post by iCrazyBoy » 30 Nov 2018, 21:38


Taking advantage of the fact that microworkers are slowing down, I said it's the perfect time for a new site of this type. So, I will introduce you to
Some features that will make you sign up and start making money in the next 5 minutes:
- $ 5 bonus registration
- 10 $ minimum withdrawal (in maximum 48 hours, paypal, payoneer (minimum 50 $), skrill, bank transfer - more payment systems available)
- at least $ 0.20 per task

There are deals from CPA networks, where they list the categories:

- sweepstakes (win an iPhone X (SOI) - where email is required, pin submit, etc.)
- adult (adult registration (SOI / DOI), or credit card submission - for trial or verification)
- crypto / binary / forex (registration, registration and deposit)
- app installs (installing mobile apps, installing and playing to a specific goal)
- downloads (download different software, addons, etc)
- casino (registration, registration and deposit)
- shopping (buying a cashback product - generally the product is cheaper than paying for the task)
- sign up (sign up for different sites / services)

Why HiveOffers?
- because you can earn at least $ 0.20 and up to $ 350. Yes, there will be jobs that will pay even $ 350. Such offers will require, for example, a deposit (or purchase of a product) whose value does not exceed $ 250 - so you will have $ 100 profit.
- We mostly rely on such deals: we pay more than the product to make the lead. An example would be this campaign on US - Donate 9, you win 12. Good, huh?
- because we pay within 48 hours of paypal / skrill of at least $ 10
- because we have a super referral program: $ 5 for every referral that adds $ 10 in the balance
Like I said, there's work. There will be many casino / crypto / adult deals - which will require warehouse, trials, simple registrations - with a payout so as to be a win-win situation!

Thank you. I look forward to your feedback

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