Solving Router Difficulties

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Solving Router Difficulties

Post by nickrobin » 12 Jan 2019, 09:01

I have been using the windows 7 on my system and never faced any issue with the system, but when I upgraded the system with Windows 10, the router stopped working. I have tried a lot to reset the router following the tips from how to reset linksys router, but still, it is not working. I need some suggestion to make it activate on Windows 10.

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Re: Solving Router Difficulties

Post by Valalvax » 13 Jan 2019, 01:55

Your OS has nothing to do with whether your router will work or not, do other devices on your router connect to the internet?

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Re: Solving Router Difficulties

Post by sparko » 23 Jan 2019, 16:03

It's pretty much not your router that stopped working but the LAN or WLAN device on your computer, because it maybe doesn't have proper driver running on Win10. You might check that with the manufacturer of your device.

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