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by sebzanga
03 May 2019, 14:44
Forum: Support / Bug Report
Topic: No point exchange this month?
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No point exchange this month?


What happened to the point exchange of this month? It wasn't automatic?


by sebzanga
12 Feb 2019, 15:01
Forum: I'll introduce myself
Topic: hi , hola
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Re: hi , hola

hola Lore saludos desde Argentina, tenes idea de las ganas que tengo de decirte ya he recibido un pago de radioearn.... pero por ahora es imposible decirte eso, tengo pendiente 11 dolares del 1 del 12 del 2018 y 6 dolares del 2 del 1 del 2019. TE TIRO EL DATO PARA QUE LO TENGAS EN CUENTA Yo ...
by sebzanga
06 Feb 2019, 14:19
Forum: Off topic
Topic: I pay for registration
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Re: I pay for registration

How much do you pay?
by sebzanga
06 Feb 2019, 14:18
Forum: Support / Bug Report
Topic: VPN usage
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Re: VPN usage

Did you saw the FAQ? There is literally a section about this.
Can I use VPS or bots?
No! Bots or server usage and iFrame traffic for listening radio is not allowed and accounts will be banned.
by sebzanga
06 Dec 2018, 21:48
Forum: Payments
Topic: Current payouts
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Re: Current payouts

Chill guys. Payment 316 still pending. Requested 01.11.2018
by sebzanga
19 Oct 2018, 14:39
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Topic: Looking for Refs for Coinsurfer (Another passive income opportunity)
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Re: Looking for Refs for Coinsurfer (Another passive income opportunity)

Hello, I am looking for Refs for Coinsurfer. Like Radioearn, you will have to let open a tab and will get paid with bitcoin. This way you can earn up to 5 USD evry month doing nothing. If you are interested, please use the following Ref-Link:
by sebzanga
19 Oct 2018, 14:38
Forum: Payments
Topic: Payment Question
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Re: Payment Question

chamba11 wrote:
19 Oct 2018, 04:41
Valalvax wrote:
19 Oct 2018, 02:07
I requested on the 1st and got paid the 4th
really ? I requested it on the 1st as well , what was your pay id #?
I am at #132 , wondering why the big gap unless you had a really low pay id #
FYI Payment #103 requested 1st as well, still pending.
by sebzanga
16 Oct 2018, 14:31
Forum: Support / Bug Report
Topic: Refback bug
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Re: Refback bug

Jenn2282012 wrote:
16 Oct 2018, 13:43
What is Refback? Sorry just not sure i understand what it is for?
Isn't the name self explanatory? As fas as I know it's the percentage of the earnings that get back to the referral.
by sebzanga
12 Oct 2018, 17:23
Forum: I'll introduce myself
Topic: saludar
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Re: saludar

Genial, alguien mas que habla español :D

Bienvenido coqui890 :)

(User is talking in spanish and congratulating the @admin)
by sebzanga
21 Sep 2018, 14:21
Forum: I'll introduce myself
Topic: Prologue
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Re: Prologue

foussix wrote:
20 Sep 2018, 16:15
hello cheman , nice to meet you , im foussix. i try to send you private message but i think you disable message reception from user . we can talk about passive income or even other things. add me or reply to me in private message . thank you
I could be interested in that :)
by sebzanga
31 Aug 2018, 21:51
Forum: Payments
Topic: List of payment proofs
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List of payment proofs

Hi. I'm new to the site.

Just noticed that there isn't a page of payment proofs/cashouts of all the users, similar at this.

I think this will add some transparency to the site.